Men Are Stupid

Bob Dinitto
Men are stupid. Facebook banned me twice for saying that. And I banned Facebook by deleting my account. Let's call it a draw. I won't belong to a social group that doesn't let me call myself stupid. Self deprecating humor is a fundamental part of me. I can't express myself without it. Was it a mistake to think Zucky's algorithms would recognize satire? My bad.

I apologize to those I left behind. I'm sorry for the sudden unannounced departure. Saying goodbye would be unbearable. I was afraid I'd lose my nerve. So now all 358 followers think I banned them. But I actually banned myself. Ironic, no? (Only 7 ever saw my posts. Yet to be fair, how many anti-Trump memes can a person handle? But I digress.)
My Addiction

Let me explain:

(Some small part of my brain is screaming "Why bother?!" right now. I'll ignore that for the moment...)

I've been studying men very closely for quite some time. Decades, in fact. Empirical evidence suggests that although we may know much about cars, audio equipment, computers, football, and NASCAR, we can be struck dumbfounded at a moment's notice due to one vulnerability - the penis!

It's our Achilles heel. Women already know this. Men like to think the brain is in control. But the penis is boss. It can strike at any moment, suddenly taking over and ruining even the most thoughtfully crafted plans. We can't deny its power. That doesn't make us bad people, does it? (Well, maybe just a little... Bill Gates: Hey, Gurl!)

They say addictions can't be created or destroyed, only changed in form. My Facebook addiction is over but I've found a new one: this website. Enjoy!


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