About Bob

About Bob

Bob Cookin'
A Bostonian at heart, a software developer and cook by trade, a diehard liberal progressive by nature, I'm a resident of Manchester, New Hampshire.

I espouse secular humanism, embrace science, absorb history, enjoy cooking, avoid television, love dogs, tolerate people, breathe politics, and disdain religion.

I'm a card-carrying homosexual who supports LGBTQ and opposes racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia. I came out in 1980 and have never looked back. I believe in equal civil rights for everyone.

Tray of Food
I'm a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders for president and a strong believer in Medicare-4-All as the only viable alternative to our broken healthcare system. I believe the most important issues of our time are the climate crisis, the healthcare debacle, nuclear proliferation, systemic racism, and income inequality.

we are all sisters and brothers. Why can't we act like it?