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B5/3v w- cd- k+v s- r

Beard: B5/3v Has a beard that ranges from full to thin and is of variable nature.
Fur: Has average fur.
Tallness: Is of average height.
Weight: w- Is a thin bear .
Cub-Daddy: cd- Mainly an average cub but also somewhat looks like a daddy yet isn't one.
Grope: Has average receptivity to being touched.
Kinky: k+v He is willing to consider new ideas . This trait is variable.
Sex: s- He is relationship oriented and prefers a formal sort of relationship .
Muscles: Has average muscles.
Endowment: Has average endowment.
Behr: Is not a Behr.
Ruggedness: r He spends some time outdoors/camping .
Peculiar: Is not peculiar.
Q: Is quiet but can keep up with camping.

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