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ninzoblog Rules of Envagement

I hate rules just as much as anybody. But sadly, in a world full of evil, rotten, Internet trolls, we need rules to determine which of us are destructive, anti-social paraiahs, and which of us are upstanding models of social perfection. I've moderated Internet forums in the past so I have some idea what I'm in for with this. My crash helmet is on so go ahead, make my day!

Here I'm giving some guidelines on what I consider to be inappropriate behavior which could result in me becoming unhappy. And if you make me unhappy you might get to meet my evil twin. Fortunately I'm nice, however my evil twin is a real prick, who might do something mean like delete your comment or ban you. So just be nice, don't be bad, and you won't have to deal with that evil twin, OK?

What Not To Do

Please, no hate speech: racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ageism

These are things we all have to deal with in our day to day lives. Let's make this a space free from the distructive effects of such behaviors.

Obviously, no: trolling, spam, posting ads, posting naked pictrues of your EX, or trying to convert people to your religion.

What I Might Be Willing To Accept

On name calling: I call people names for a variety different reasons, but mostly due to crass stupidity and/or willful ignorance. So I can't reasonably expect others to refrain from this. What I do expect is that you back up your invective with evidence to support it. So it's ok to call me a bitch, but please then explain exactly which aspect of my bitchiness is causing your ire. Because without that information I can't hone my ability to annoy you even further. Haha!

On religion: I respect religious freedom, and by that I mean I respect your right to practice a religion. You have every right to give your life whatever meaning you wish as long as you don't infringe other peoples' freedoms. What I don't respect is religious intrusion, and by that I mean restricting my civil liberties based on your religious belief system. So being critical of religion is OK. I encourage people to question religious beliefs as they're typically not based on factual evidence and in some cases are the root cause of social ills.

On that note enjoy the site and give feedback in the comments.


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