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Bob's Personal Information
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Name: Bob Dinitto
Email: Click here to send Bob an email bob@ninzo.com
Birth Date: November 8, 1956
Birth Place: Everett, Massachusetts, USA
Residence: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
Profession: Waiter, Cook, Computer Consultant, Philosopher, Beachcomber, Dumb Fuck...
Stats: 5'10", 145 lbs, male, white, bald, bearded, thin, gay, scruffy
Bearcode: B5/3v w- cd- k+v s- r
Bob Dinitto A veteran of the computer industry, I'm now in pursuit of a life long dream to become a gourmet chef. Or something like that. This is not quite as easy as it sounds.

My spare time involves RV camping, gourmet food, thoughtful conversation, computer software, photography, theater, antiques, imaginative artwork, history, and this web site.

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bell peppers
fresh eggs
fresh pineapple slices

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